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Illinois State Police regional commander Bill Davis (left) thanks Intelligence Project staffer Joe Roy for a training presentation.

Extremist Training
The Intelligence Project regularly conducts in-person trainings for local, state and federal law enforcement officers by request. We focus on the history, background, leaders and activities of far-right extremists in the U.S.

Training sessions last from two to four hours and are tailored to fit the requesting agency's requirements. Contact us to request in-person training or to learn more about our program.

Hate Crime Training
Intelligence Project staff have been involved in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's hate and bias crime "train-the-trainer" program since its inception in 1992. FLETC trains personnel for more than 75 federal law enforcement agencies and provides services for local, state and international agencies.

FLETC invited Intelligence Project personnel to help develop and write courses for a training program to improve the recognition, reporting and investigating of hate crimes. A member of the Intelligence Project staff taught one of the program's first pilot classes in New Jersey in 1994 and continues to instruct FLETC classes today.

Graduates of the three-day course receive certificates of training from FLETC. Interested officers can contact FLETC.